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Jul 07 2021

Campaign to Push LGBT Propaganda in Kiddie Shows

Liberal exploitation of their control of the entertainment industry to corrupt children on behalf of the warped LGBT agenda has gone in overdrive recently. Nickelodeon has been pushing it hard enough to cause their ratings to collapse, having a drag queen indoctrinate preschoolers into embracing pansexual families and the depravities represented by the Progress Pride flag. The excesses at Nickelodious are the culmination of a brainwashing campaign that has been conducted throughout children’s entertainment for years:

A recent, extensive report by Entertainment Insider highlights the increase of LGBTQ messaging in children’s programming, and explains that LGBTQ activists behind the scenes have made it happen.

This is a symptom of the replacement of meritocracy by identity politics that gave us Vice President Kamala Harris:

One way activists have accomplished this is by getting around the typical merit-based hiring process, and searching specifically new staff that are members of the LGBTQ community.

“Talent” is recruited on Twitter and Tumblr based on commitment to the LGBT cause.

One transgender showrunner, Shadi Petosky, told Insider that it isn’t enough for LGBTQ activists to simply get roles within the entertainment industry, they must also make sure that pro-LGBTQ content makes it into the shows.

Television isn’t interested in entertaining children. The mission is indoctrination in the most unwholesome ideology imaginable.

It has been driven by well-funded professional militants:

GLAAD has, in fact, convinced Hollywood to increase the representation of the LGBTQ agenda into TV shows, and networks — including Nickelodeon, PBS, and Cartoon Network — have signed onto the effort.

Even those who don’t watch television are forced to subsidize the corruption of children when it runs on PBS.

The swamp of LGBT propaganda that kids grow up immersed in helps explain the epidemic of adolescent “transsexuality” that is destroying many lives, as documented by Abigail Shrier.

Today, it is virtually impossible to find a TV series without a gay character or LGBTQ theme. A review of the content found a whopping 259 gay characters in cartoons and TV series aimed at children.

There was a time when everyone would have agreed that sexual themes of any kind are inappropriate for small children, let alone promotion of sexual deviancy. Those days are behind us for now. What lies ahead? Here’s a clue:

Last week, actress Kirstie Alley warned that children are being exposed to “everything perverse on every kind of screen” and cautioned that Hollywood is conditioning society to be so “open minded” that it will soon “support” pedophilia as “just loving children.”

Where else are progressives to push the envelope after they have succeeded in normalizing homosexuality? The same “love is love” rhetoric used ad nauseam to promote the gay lifestyle will be applied to raping the children who are currently being groomed for it.

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