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Jan 28 2022

Biden Puts Kibosh on Copper and Nickel Mining

Upon taking power, Biden immediately set about crippling the energy industry, suppressing drilling and killing pipelines. According to leftist doctrine, fossil fuels make the weather too warm. We must instead use grossly inefficient means of generating power that cannot meet more than a tiny fraction of an advanced economy’s needs. Yet even with things green, Biden obstructs:

The U.S. Department of the Interior canceled two mineral leases for Antofagasta Plc’s proposed Twin Metals copper and nickel mine in Minnesota on Wednesday, effectively killing the project and handing a major win to environmentalists.

Copper and nickel are essential elements in the extravagantly subsidized electric vehicles they pay us with our own money to drive.

The step was in addition to a plan announced last fall by the White House to impose a 20-year ban on mining in Minnesota’s Boundary Waters region, where Antofagasta hopes to build an underground mine to supply copper for electric vehicles, which use twice as much of the red metal as those with internal combustion engines.

The Democrat plan is to force us to drive EVs by making normal vehicles illegal. But how can we drive electric moonbatmobiles if we are not allowed to mine copper?

Reuters reported last year that Biden aims to look abroad for metal supplies…

Like energy production, mining doesn’t offend the planet so long as some other country does it and reaps the profits.

Speaking of reaping profits from mining, the ChiComs have been raking in money from cobalt mining, thanks to the massive amounts of it needed for electric cars, and also thanks to Hunter Biden. The $31 million to purchase the Biden family was a sound investment.

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