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Jul 05 2023

Hunter in the White House

Merriam-Webster defines kakistocracy as “government by the worst people.” Confirming that we live under one, it has come to light that the skeeviest scumbag imaginable is apparently living in the White House.

Even the regime stenographers at Newsweek admit it:

Biden’s son Hunter was spotted climbing into the presidential SUV on Friday to join his family at Camp David over the July 4 weekend, adding fire to the speculation on why he has so often been seen at the White House. …

His regular appearances with the president before and after the agreement [that allowed him to escape punishment for tax and gun crimes that would put you or me behind bars for many years] was made public have led some to believe he lives at the White House.

This has come up before:

In an op-ed for The New York Post in April, journalist Miranda Devine claimed that Hunter Biden was rumored to be living at the White House with his wife and their 3-year-old son to avoid being served with legal papers from an Arkansas mother of a child he fathered in 2018.

The presence of Creepy Joe’s bagman Hunter might explain the cocaine found in the White House.

When you see topless transsexuals jiggling freakishly out on the lawn

…you can only imagine what is going on inside.

If Democrats are ever scraped out of it, the White House will need to be fumigated before it is fit for habitation by regular Americans.

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