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Oct 02 2023

Hydroelectric Power No Longer Green Enough

No matter how energy is produced, if it is sufficiently affordable and reliable to meet our needs, liberals will oppose it. Not even hydroelectric is green enough, according to a lengthy screed in the Los Angeles Times.

Hydroelectric requires none of the fossil fuels that liberals demand we reject for ideological reasons. However, dams…

…have devastated salmon and steelhead trout populations, blocking many of their historical spawning grounds and depriving Indigenous tribes of fish central to their nourishment and cultures. …

Across the American West, dams have reshaped ecosystems for the worse, raising water temperatures, diminishing downstream flows and driving fish species toward extinction. From Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River to Hoover Dam on the Colorado, reservoirs have fueled toxic algae blooms, increased evaporation and flooded land that was home to Native Americans for millennia.

As far as some tribal and environmental activists are concerned, many of those dams never should have been built.

Maybe they should even be dismantled.

Yes sir, Mr. Moonbat. We will tear down the dams at once. The sacred Indians didn’t need electricity, so neither should we. We can just run around in loincloths throwing sticks at bison. That would be sure to support a population of 340 million. At worse, we’ll all die off, which according to liberal establishment dogma would be pleasing to the climate.

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One Response to “Hydroelectric Power No Longer Green Enough”

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