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Mar 17 2024

Indigenous Knowledge-Based Healthcare Kills 50 in Angola

As part of the subordination of medical science to DEI ideology, the Department of Health and Human Services has proclaimed that henceforth the FDA, CDC, and NIH will embrace indigenous knowledge. Here’s what that means for healthcare:

At least 50 people have died in Angola after being coerced into drinking a herbal potion to prove they were not practitioners of witchcraft, police reported on Thursday.

The deaths occurred in the past two months near the town of Camacupa, local councilor Luzia Filemone told national radio, claiming that traditional healers had used a lethal mixture in the procedures.

If you die from drinking the poison, that means you were practicing witchcraft.

Considering that this policy is implemented by “traditional healers,” they must regard protecting against witches as a matter of public health, just as some regard protecting against the US Constitution to be a matter of public health in the USA.

If Democrats hold onto power, they will continue to shoehorn healthcare into their ideology, which embraces the superstitious practices of savages. You had better plan on staying healthy for the rest of your life.

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