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Jun 19 2024

Intelligence Community Paints Nails for Pride Month

Our encroaching adversaries will be pleased to learn that under Democrat control, the US intelligence community focuses not on keeping the country safe but on promoting degeneracy and sexual psychosis:

The top intelligence agency in the United States is celebrating Pride Month by inviting agents to have the transgender flag painted on their nails, participate in a “Pride Ally Challenge,” and learn from a “non-binary,” “Filipinx” activist who has taught children about her non-binary identity, a document exclusively obtained by The Daily Wire reveals.

The intelligence document outlines nine different Pride Month activities held by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), a cabinet-level agency overseeing the rest of the IC, including the CIA, FBI, NSA, and intelligence components in each branch of the military. Over the course of the month, intelligence officers will have their nails painted with trans flags, or even learn to crochet their very own Pride flags.

Anything that becomes corrupted with moonbattery is rendered farcical and contemptible as it is utterly destroyed.

Here’s what taxpayers have been financing during work hours:

The “Nails & Crafts” event was held with the Pride Employee Resource Group as well as the “FVEY Liaison Offices,” a reference to the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance that includes the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The document’s reference to Five Eyes indicates that foreign intelligence agents may have been invited or present at the nail painting event.

Tactics probably developed for promoting sexual perversion to schoolchildren are now used to indoctrinate the Deep State.

That nail painting event, which took place on June 4, came just ahead of a talk from guest speaker AC Dumlao, who is described as a “transgender non-binary first-generation Filipinx-American activist and educator” and has a website called “Call Me They.”

The moonbattery is multifarious:

Dumlao’s website lists a number of different organizations that she recommends supporting, each of which further highlights the extent of Dumlao’s radicalism. One such organization, called the Manna-hatta Fund, describes itself as “an invitation to all settlers and non-Native people who wish to acknowledge the legacy of theft and genocide that comprise the history of New York City and the United States.” The radical activist also points those who visit her site to Red Canary Song, an organization of “Asian and Migrant sex workers and massage workers, organizing transnationally.” The group states its work “is in the tradition of sex worker mutual aid.”

Most members of the intelligence community probably find this agenda sickening. Their morale is not likely to be high.

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