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Dec 19 2020

Iran Ready to Rev Up Nuclear Program

Elections have consequences. One consequence of putting people like Biden’s handlers in power could be mushroom clouds where American cities used to be. The terrorist regime in Iran, which has been at war with the USA since 1979, is licking its chops:

Satellite photos obtained by the Associated Press on Friday reportedly show new construction underway at Iran’s underground nuclear site at Fordo. …

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani bragged Thursday that he has “no doubt” the incoming U.S. administration under Biden will “bow” to Iran by rejoining the nuclear deal and lifting sanctions reimposed on the country by President Trump.

The nuclear treaty — entered into without constitutionally required two-thirds Senate approval while Biden was VP — puts Iran on an approved pathway to nuclear weapons under the guise of supposedly slowing down its development of nuclear weapons. The main effect of the deal was $150 billion shoveled at the Iranian regime. Presumably some of this money went toward developing nukes with which to kill us.

Biden has announced that he will revive the disastrous arrangement. This will not only facilitate weapons development, but undermine the Middle East alliance developed under Trump to help contain Iranian aggression.

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