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Oct 23 2020

It’s Unanimous: Trump Better for Economy

Bill Clinton strategist James Carville famously proclaimed, “It’s the economy, stupid.” If that’s true, Democrats will have to cheat extra hard to beat Trump. After the presidential debate last night, pollster Frank Luntz asked a focus group of undecided swing state voters which candidate would be better for the economy. The decision was unanimous:

Luntz asked the 13 focus group participants the following question, “Who do you believe would do a better job with the economy after listening to tonight’s debate, Joe Biden or Donald Trump?”

Luntz wanted a show of hands for each candidate — and when he asked who thought Biden would be better for the economy, not one hand went up.

When he asked if Trump would do a better job with the economy, every single hand went up.

People remember the Obama/Biden nonrecovery from the Great Recession. They also remember the high-flying economy that Trump presided over until the ChiCom virus hit. If Luntz’s group is representative, no one is dumb enough to believe that stratospheric taxation, hyperregulation, a minimum wage hike, coronavirus hysteria, and extravagantly expensive green energy boondoggles will improve the economic situation.

It’s possible that the media (including leftist-controlled social media platforms) have whipped the herd into such a frenzy of hatred that they would rather stampede off a cliff than vote their economic interests, so long as they can wallow in moonbattery and stick it to Trump. We’ll soon know.

In case you missed the debate, Mark Dice sums it up:

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