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Oct 23 2020

Biden Tweets Argue in Favor of Trump

Some of the best arguments against Joe Biden can be found on his Twitter page, posted by his own staff. Despite exposing Biden as a fool, presently they are still there, like clots of dribbled oatmeal left to congeal on his chin.

If you think patriotic Americans should have their faces rubbed in 1619-type historical revisionist propaganda about what an awful country this is, Joe Biden is your man:

Liberal race-baiting has resulted in months on end of race riots. At least 13 Biden staffers have helped bail out rioters so as to keep the chaos going. Yet Biden has the staggering gall to accuse Trump of being the racist. It is hard to believe that this would appeal to many voters:

“Poor boys” are what they call submarine sandwiches in some parts of the country. Biden was referring to the Proud Boys, a patriotic club that is not even remotely racist, unless you define that term to mean “hated by anti-American Democrats.”

That these tweets have still not been deleted from his feed speaks to the level of competence we can expect of the people around him if he becomes POTUS.

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