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Oct 20 2022

James Gordon Meek Disappears Following FBI Raid

Democrats were gleeful when they got Rep David Schweikert (R-AZ) on video expressing his view that the FBI needs to be broken up. They wanted it to go viral, so they could paint him as a radical. To their chagrin, the public responded by asking where they can donate to Schweikert. People understand that we need to break up our nascent KGB now, because soon it will be too late; anyone who tries will be eliminated. People whose existence displeases the Deep State will start disappearing in the middle of the night, never to be heard from again, as in the Soviet Union. The case of investigative journalist James Gordon Meek, who has not been seen since a Mar-a-Lago/Mark Houck-style FBI raid on his home in April, suggests this may be happening already:

According to reports, heavily armed federal agents seized classified information from Meek’s laptop during a raid on his Virginia home on April 27. Colleagues at ABC News told Rolling Stone that Meek “fell off the face of the Earth” following the raid. …

Neighbors reported that they have not seen Meek since the raid and that his home appears to be vacant.

If he ever turns up, I hope he still has his fingernails.

Even if he works for the MSM, Meek is the kind of guy the Deep State would want gone:

Meek won several awards for his investigative work on extremely sensitive topics, including exposing a U.S. military cover-up of the deaths of four American Green Berets in Niger, which he made into the acclaimed Hulu documentary “3212 Un-Redacted.” …

Meek was working on a book that was critical of the Biden administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The Afghanistan withdrawal was not only grotesquely incompetent but potentially treasonous. The Biden Regime provided a kill list to our Taliban enemies, whom it has been funding lavishly with our money, and in whose hands it left up to 9,000 Americans. Meek presumably knows more.

Readers will recall how the Obama Administration used intimidation tactics on Fox News reporter James Rosen. What these people get away with, they will escalate.

Buckle up. If Democrats are not pried out of power soon, we are in for a rough ride. Even if the GOP retakes Congress, a thorough draining of the Swamp will be required if we are to avert the horrors of authoritarianism.

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