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Jan 04 2023

Jane Goodall on Need to Reduce Human Population

Mating with short people may make New York Times readers feel righteous, but the social engineers of the World Economic Forum warn that more must be done to cut the human race down to a size that suits the Liberal World Order. Watch in horror as famous primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall (formerly known as Baroness Jane van Lawick-Goodall) asserts the necessity of reducing the human population to what it was 500 years ago:

The world population for the year 1500 was an estimated 450 million. Thanks to capitalism and the technological breakthroughs it enabled in agriculture and medicine, we are now up to 8 billion.

The WEF is working on what to do with the excess 7.5 billion. Expect attacks on agriculture and medicine to escalate.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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3 Responses to “Jane Goodall on Need to Reduce Human Population”

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