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Jan 13 2023

Chair of NTSB Admits EVs Are Unsafe

Democrats have been bribing us with each other’s money to buy unreliable and unaffordable electric cars. In blue states like California and New York and even at the federal level, they are resorting to force to get us to drive them. Yet these vehicles are unsafe, and not only because they are so prone to bursting into flame that Chevrolet has advised not parking a Bolt within 50 feet of another vehicle. The same batteries that often make them useless in the cold also make them heavy, which in turn makes them deadly — as even Jennifer Homendy, Chair of the National Transportation Safety Board admits:

“We have to be careful that we aren’t also creating unintended consequences: More death on our roads,” she said. …

Homendy noted that Ford’s F-150 Lightning EV pickup is 2,000 to 3,000 pounds (900 to 1,350 kilograms) heavier than the same model’s combustion version. The Mustang Mach E electric SUV and the Volvo XC40 EV, she said, are roughly 33% heavier than their gasoline counterparts.

The batteries weigh thousands of pounds. Having to carry the extra weight makes these vehicles both less fuel efficient and less safe.

Michael Brooks, executive director of the nonprofit Center for Auto Safety, said he, too, is concerned about the weight of EVs…

“These bigger, heavier batteries are going to cause more damage,” he said. “It’s a simple matter of mass and speed.” …

In 2011, the National Bureau of Economic Research published a paper that said being hit by a vehicle with an added 1,000 pounds increases by 47% the probability of being killed in a crash.

The rapid acceleration of electric cars, which most drivers are not used to, also makes them more dangerous.

Consider this incident from metro Phoenix yesterday, in which at least five were killed:

Officials said a semi rear-ended a car and collided into the back of another semi, sandwiching two cars in between the big rigs and sparking a fire. Two other cars in front of the collision were also damaged in the accident.

Now imagine the carnage if North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper et al. manage to make all trucking electric, so that the goods trucks transport are more expensive and the vehicles significantly heavier.

Why do our rulers insist that we drive electric vehicles? The stated reason is that according to their religion, fossil fuels cause the climate to fluctuate. However, the electricity used in EVs is overwhelmingly generated by fossil fuels.

Maybe the federal government is already admitting to their danger because EVs are an interim step to no vehicles at all.

The only transportation leftists want us using is cattle cars. Dramatically reducing the human population might propitiate the weather gods and stop the climate from continuing to fluctuate the way it always has.

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