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Mar 22 2023

Jazz Jennings in Existential Agony

Jazz Jennings is the poster child for the transsexualization of children. Schools even use a book glorifying what his mother did to him to promote the cult of transgenderism to first graders. The adulation of liberals has not been enough to compensate Jazz for being denied the chance to be a normal boy.

Megan Fox provides background:

He was transitioned by his mother at the tender age of five. By the age of eleven, Jazz was on puberty blockers. At 17, even though a minor, Jazz underwent multiple genital surgeries to remove his penis and have it inverted. This process was botched and several attempts were made to remedy it, but the reduced size of Jazz’s penis due to years on puberty blockers made an already brutal surgery even worse.

Jazz has since suffered from mental illness, rapid weight gain, pain, constant reflux, a lack of sex drive, an inability to orgasm, and anxiety.

In a state of existential agony that we are lucky not to be able to imagine, he laments that he just wants to feel like himself, which he never does, because that was not allowed to him.

The spectacle liberal social engineers have made of his life is playing out the way any sane person would expect:

His mother tells him he is his own worst enemy. In reality, she is his worst enemy — she and the liberal establishment that helped her do this to her son, disfiguring his body and then displaying him to the public like a circus freak.

He’s a show pony, a cause, a public experiment done for the entertainment of some and the political goals of others.

The poster child for transgenderism has become the personification of why this evil must be stopped.

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