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Sep 27 2020

Joe Biden: Banking on Adderall

Given that Joe Biden achieves lucidity only in short bursts lately, Trump is right to demand drug testing to level the playing field for Tuesday’s debate:

Will Biden submit to a drug test? This confirms that he will not:

Lower expectations, pump him up on Adderall before the debate, then get him back in the basement before he starts raving again. Sounds like a plan.

Earlier, Biden employed the “C’mon man” defense when asked if he would be willing to take a cognitive test as Trump has done.

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One Response to “Joe Biden: Banking on Adderall”

  1. […] declining Joe Biden can’t hold his own against Trump without help. That’s why he won’t agree to a drug test. He also won’t agree to be tested for an earpiece so that his offscreen puppeteers can tell […]

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