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Oct 26 2020

Kamala Harris on the Campaign Trail

I thought Kamala Harris was the brains in the duo, because it sure isn’t Biden. But she has what you might call Joe Biden moments.

Here she is not knowing what city she is in:

Hyping COVID-19, she claimed that the virus has killed “over 220 million” Americans. That’s off by about 219,776,000. Democrats have never been good with numbers, which is one reason not to trust them with your money.

She had cited the same imaginary figure a few days earlier in Charlotte.

Want some more Kamala? Here she is electioneering at a polling place:

That may be the biggest crowd she has spoken to in some time.

Still more Kamala. Prepare to cringe as she dances in the rain:

On tips from ABC of the ANC, Anonymous, and Varla.


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