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Oct 26 2020

Bidens, Corruption, and Underage Girls

Joe Biden’s unseemly affection for underage girls has been well documented. It appears to run in the family.

Information on his laptop suggests an unhealthy relationship between Hunter Biden and his niece Natalie, who was 14 at the time:

No wonder Big Media and Big Tech are so desperate to sink the Hunter laptop story. It lifts the manhole on enough kompromat to flood the DC sewer system.

As Peter Schweizer has documented, Joe Biden’s family is involved in his corruption — prominently including Hunter. The communist Chinese are said to have exploited this situation to turn Joe Biden into an asset.

Despite the Big Media/Big Tech embargo, revelations are erupting left and right. Delaware Senate candidate Lauren Witzke claims that Chris Coons’ daughter Maggie, who has famously been subjected to Joe Biden’s obviously unwanted attention, is among the underage girls featured on Hunter’s laptop. National File reports that Joe Biden may have molested his now 39-year-old daughter Ashley Blazer Biden when she was a child. Because mainstream journalists ignore anything that might make Biden look bad, these stories are difficult to confirm — or to reject.

The harder the liberal establishment strives to suppress these stories, the more forcefully the Streisand effect will propel them into the national consciousness.

On tips from Kate P, Rapinhoe, and seaoh. Hat tip: Liberty Daily.


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