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Nov 26 2022

Klaus Schwab Calls ChiCom Regime a Role Model

The most maleficent government in human history, in terms of the number of its own people it killed, is the one imposed by the Communist Party of China. China’s government has not changed since the nightmare regime of Mao Zedong, which killed an estimated 65,000,000 Chinese. Those currently manning the controls are less crazy than Mao but not less tyrannical.

Mao ran up his body count while imposing a systematic transformation of China in accordance with leftist ideology. Being a globalist, Klaus Schwab, cult leader of the liberal elite Davos set, sets his sites on the entire planet.

If you want an idea of what the world will be systematically transformed into if the Liberal World Order has its way, look to communist China:

It is not reassuring that Schwab says he wants to be “very careful in imposing systems.” He knows as well as anyone that every item on the globalist agenda will have to be inflicted by force. Otherwise, he would not point to a totalitarian regime like China’s as “certainly a very attractive model.”

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