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Nov 26 2022

Teachers Inflict Horror on Special Needs Kid

If LGBT grooming, critical race theory indoctrination, and unhealthy Covid lunacy have not convinced you that government schools are not a safe place for kids, maybe this will work:

A Texas teacher and two school assistants have been arrested after they allegedly locked a five-year-old special needs boy up for so long he started eating his own feces.

Melody LaPointe, 47, and teaching assistants Tarah Tinney, 33, and Augusta Costlow, 27, were charged earlier this week with abandoning or endangering a child over the shocking incident in April 2021.

They kept him locked in an isolation room in a Liberty Independent School District facility.

He was locked up until he started eating his own feces and drinking his urine.

Maybe they were teaching recycling, which is among the subjects that have replaced the three R’s, along with climate hysteria, critical gender theory, perverted sex practices, and race hate.

You wouldn’t trust the government to spend your money for you. Why would you trust it to raise your kids?

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