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Dec 26 2020

Lawsuit Pushes Back Against PC Indoctrination

If Democrats take control of the White House and the Senate, we will have to rely on enough sane judges having been placed in the past 4 years to get us through the next 2 years, after which Congress might be reclaimed. Courts are one of the few means of stalling the radical left agenda. Let’s hope this suit goes well:

A Nevada mother has followed through on her threat to file a civil rights lawsuit against her son’s charter school for refusing to let him opt out of a mandatory class that promotes hostility toward whites as a race.

Democracy Prep at the Agassi Campus forced William Clark “to make professions about his racial, sexual, gender and religious identities in verbal class exercises and in graded, written homework assignments,” creating a hostile environment, the biracial high school student and Gabrielle Clark allege in their federal lawsuit filed Tuesday.

The suit…

…alleges several constitutional violations including compelled speech, viewpoint discrimination, retaliation, invasion of privacy, denial of equal protection and infringement of the establishment clause. The defendants committed “intentional and retaliatory discrimination on the basis of color, race and religion” and gender discrimination.

Gabrielle Clark is black, but her son William had a white father (now deceased) and can pass for white, making him “the only apparent white boy in his class.” She found out what was going on at the school by watching their distance learning classes.

She’s particularly upset that the curriculum explicitly told her children to “unlearn” the “traditional Judeo-Christian principles” she is teaching them.

Whites, boys, and Christians are demonized during the school’s brainwashing. William received a D−, apparently for refusing to denounce himself, torpedoing his college plans. Soon afterward, he was suspended for committing “racism.”

According to the suit, “Sociology of Change” teacher Kathryn Bass addressed one class session as “my wonderful social justice warriors!” She told them to determine if any of their identities had “privilege or oppression attached” for a graded assignment.

The helplessness William has experienced will be familiar to us all when these tyrannical maniacs take over the federal government.

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