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Jan 10 2022

Leftist Supremes Reveal Cluelessness on Covid

The Supreme Court has been debating whether to endorse Biden’s exploitation of federal agencies to circumvent our constitutional republican form of government in the name of Covid hysteria. This has revealed at least one Justice to be a clueless fool. I refer to the self-described “wise Latina,” Obama-appointed identity group box-checker Sonia Sotomayor.

The Blaze reports:

While hearing oral arguments for and against President Joe Biden’s employer vaccine mandate, Sotomayor claimed that 100,000 children in the United States are hospitalized and in “serious condition” with COVID-19.

Even the moonbats at PolitiFact gasped at that whopper:

“At the time she made this comment, federal data showed that fewer than 5,000 coronavirus-positive children were in the hospital. In fact, fewer than 83,000 children have been hospitalized for COVID-19 — cumulatively — since August 2020.”

It is probable that the vast majority of hospitalized coronavirus-positive children have been suffering from unrelated conditions, if not for which they would never have known they had Covid.

PolitiFact had no choice but to rate Sotomayor’s silly claim false, although it withheld its “Pants of Fire” rating, probably out of respect for her leftist orientation. It ignored her erroneous statement that “Omicron is as deadly as Delta.” Even Tony Fauci, the face of technocracy, admits that it is not.

Sotomayor’s fellow leftist Stephen Breyer deserves a Pants on Fire rating too, for suggesting that a vaccine mandate would prevent all Covid cases. It has been common knowledge for some time that the virus spreads among the vaccinated. Breyer also claimed that “750 million new cases” had been reported in the USA on Thursday. The population of the USA is 330 million.

As for the other hardcore moonbat on the Court, National File reports:

Justice Elena Kagan falsely claimed that the best way to stop the transmission of COVID-19 was by strongly incentivising people to get injected with vaccines and wear masks.

Masks do not stop the spread of Covid.

Good thing it is not the job of these three stooges to set healthcare policy; they are not well informed on the issue. Unfortunately, they may be just as unqualified to rule sensibly on whether Biden’s decrees are lawful and constitutional.

Liberal WaPo gave Sotomayor 4 Pinocchios for her ludicrous assertion that 100,000 American children are in serious condition with Covid.

Either Sotomayor is dumb enough to believe her own wild claim, or she is dumb enough to believe that everyone else is dumb enough. Either way, it is disturbing to have someone with her radical viewpoint and limited cognitive capacity in a position of such power.

Still more alarming is how liberals shift the debate from “Should Biden exercise unlimited power through federal bureaucracies like OSHA?” to “Is Covid a big enough problem to justify throwing the American system of government overboard in favor of authoritarianism?”

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