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Apr 08 2022

Lib Media Gaslights on Confused and Ignored Biden

Never mind what we all saw when Obama visited the White House on Tuesday…

Biden wasn’t wandering around lost and disoriented, shunned by his fellow moonbats. It was reported by Fox News; therefore, it didn’t happen. Rolling Stone says that what we saw was “doctored” and “taken out of context.”

Even now, we are asked to believe that Joe Biden actually is fit for office.

With their party in power, the moonbats at Rolling Stone don’t posture as rebels. They lick the hand of the Administration like the leftist lapdogs they have always been. The rest of the Praetorian Media is on the same page (e.g., Mediaite, Newsweek).

Don’t trust your lying eyes. The liberal establishment will tell you what to see.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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