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Apr 06 2022

Alone in the Crowd

If he weren’t such a rotten moonbat, you would have to feel sorry for the guy. They utilized him to take power; now they don’t need him, so they leave him to flounder like the useless husk of a corruptocrat that he is:

Obama was particularly rude, even ignoring Biden’s claw on his shoulder:

“Most Powerful Man in the World,” yet not worth talking to or even worth treating with basic politeness.

No wonder his fellow Democrats wanted to take away the football. He is liable to lose his temper, as those with advanced dementia are prone to do, and try to prove that he is still the Big Guy. Let’s hope he settles for more saber-rattling at Putin, which with luck is laughed off.

On tips from Wiggins, Varla, seaoh, Mr. Freemarket, and KirklesWorth.


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