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Aug 26 2021

Liberals Come for Notre Dame Leprechaun

The cancel culture mob is so desperate to find faux victims of racism on whose behalf they can bully the rest of us that they have stooped to defending the white people their own ideology demonizes. Due to the supply of racism falling far short of demand, the Irish have become honorary BIPOCs so that moonbats can denounce Notre Dame’s leprechaun mascot.

Woke scolds like pencil-necked sports weenie Max Kellerman proclaim the Fighting Irish’s mascot to be an anti-immigrant ethnic slur — i.e., a thought crime — and demand that it be canceled.

Squeaks Kellerman,

“Pernicious, negative stereotypes of marginalized people that offend, even some among them, should be changed.”

Leprechauns are said to have been used by the English to disparage the Irish in generations past.

Maybe that is why a survey determined Notre Dame’s pugnacious leprechaun to be the fourth most offensive mascot in college football. The mascots regarded as even more offensive represent Indians, who will soon be completely erased from popular culture so that liberals won’t have to feel offended on their behalf.

When the Cleveland Capitulators canceled Chief Yahoo, the days became numbered for all anthropoid mascots. Once they are all gone, woke bullies will become offended on behalf of animals.

That’s the spirit.

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