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Apr 23 2021

Major Athletic Accomplishment at Penn State

Great news from the Keystone State. Penn State Athletics has earned the third-best LGBTQ+ inclusion score in the entire Big Ten. Naturally the people at are brimming with pride:

Penn State Athletics received a score of 80 out of a possible 100 in the 2021 Athlete Equality Index

Various metrics are used to rank universities according to the aggressiveness with which they advance the transformative LGBTQ+ agenda.

Penn State earned a perfect score in all categories except trans inclusion policy, pro-LGBTQ training for athletes, and annual partnership/collaboration…

To guarantee a perfect score, women’s sports teams might have to consist entirely of men. This would also result in obvious competitive advantages against less trans-inclusionary schools. is working to improve its own LGBTQ+ inclusion score by posting more stories on the topic, in hopes of currying favor with the woke Big Tech overlords, who can be heavy-handed in exerting control over online advertising.

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