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Apr 06 2024

Major Hospital System Sacrifices Babies to Narrative

Not all black lives matter. The lives of black babies can be sacrificed to combat “inequities.” From Massachusetts:

The Mass General Brigham Hospital system … will no longer report suspected abuse or neglect to the state solely if a newborn baby tests positive for drugs after birth.

Instead, hospitals will now require written consent before conducting a drug test on the expectant mother or infant, in most cases.

The old policy saved babies’ lives but had disparate impact:

Mass General Brigham said the move is to address the “racial and ethnic inequities” present in healthcare, adding that substance abuse disorder in the context of pregnancy more “disproportionately affects Black individuals.”

The disparate impact was that it saved more black babies, since black mothers are more likely to be on drugs. That undermines the Narrative, according to which black problems are not self-imposed but rather are inflicted by the evil white man. So babies are sacrificed.

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