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Dec 24 2020

Major Newspeak Dictionary Revision From University of Michigan

The “Words Matter Task Force” of University of Michigan’s Information and Technology Services has issued a major revision to the Newspeak Dictionary. The following terms are noninclusive and therefore forbidden:

-men-, -man-
black-and-white thinking
brown bag
crack the whip
crazy, insane
gender-neutral he or she
grandfathered (in)
girl/gal, boy/guy
guys/gals (e.g., Hi guys!)
honey, sweetheart, sweetie
long time, no see
low man on the totem pole
off the reservation
preferred pronouns
privileged account
sanity check
sold down the river

As noted,

This list is not exhaustive and will continue to grow.

The speech police conveniently provide alternate expressions that are not yet off limits, such as “gathering” in place of the forbidden word “picnic.”

Banning the term “off the reservation” is particularly appropriate, considering the importance to the moonbat ruling class of keeping everyone on the reservation, particularly sacred minorities, whose rejection of their patronizing ideology would cause it to collapse.

Progressives take their name from their incremental approach, which allows them to avoid resistance on the principle that a frog will not jump out of a pot before it boils if you turn the heat up gradually. Otherwise, they would skip to the chase, and ban all words immediately. The only vocabulary we will need when utopia has been achieved is bleats of approval for our enlightened liberal rulers.

Hat tip: College Fix.


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