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Oct 14 2021

Majority in Liberal San Francisco Bay Area Consider Leaving

If you want to know what it is like where we are going, ask those who have already gotten there. The San Francisco Bay Area is the most liberal part of the country. There is no resistance there to the leftist agenda that is now being imposed nationwide. This agenda has not worked out well.

SF Gate reports on a poll of Bay Area voters:

A shocking 71% of respondents said the quality of life in the greater Bay Area is worse now compared to five years ago. Fifty-six percent of respondents said they are considering leaving in the next five years — including 53% of respondents who work in the tech sector.

Primary complaints include the high cost of housing, the high cost of living, homelessness, and crime — all areas that are unlikely to improve under liberal rule, as the Biden Administration has illustrated.

These same voters sent Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to Congress. She is one of the key figures in charting the current course of the country. What has been done to her district, Democrats want to inflict throughout the land.

The main difference is that the whole country does not enjoy the vast wealth Silicon Valley generates, so Building Back Better will entail severe poverty.

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