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Dec 22 2020

San Francisco Bans Kissing on Dates

This might help wash that last post out of readers’ eyes. Liz Wheeler notes that it is now forbidden to kiss your date in the moonbat dystopia San Francisco (where anal sex with strangers has been encouraged since coronavirus hit). She asks, how many would have tolerated this insane level of arbitrary tyranny a year ago?

Sharia law is libertarian compared to COVID-19 restrictions in jurisdictions run by liberals. Imagine the oppression they will inflict if the ChiComs manage to cook up a virus that is a more serious risk to the general population.

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Dec 22 2020

Drugs Kill Nearly 4× More Than COVID-19 in San Francisco

Lacking from the ChiCom virus response in jurisdictions run by Democrats is a sense of perspective. They could get some from liberalism’s capital city:

A record 621 people died of drug overdoses in San Francisco so far this year, a staggering number that far outpaces the 173 deaths from COVID-19 the city has seen thus far.

That makes recreational drugs almost four times as deadly as coronavirus. Yet while authorities drive countless businesses into bankruptcy in the name of the virus, they also pass out free needles, encouraging drug use.

Many people overdosed in low-income apartment buildings and in city-funded hotel rooms for the homeless. Others died on sidewalks, in alleyways and parks around the city.

Democrats care about the poor. That is, they care about making them more abundant, and then harvesting their votes. Enabling the junky lifestyle supports the agenda, but alleviating the exploitable plight of the miserable is the last thing they want to do.

Elsewhere in California,

Other areas of the state have seen a spike in drug use and overdoses amid lockdowns, including in Los Angeles County. In 2013 in the county, fentanyl accounted for 3% of drug-related deaths. At the start of 2020, 42% of drug deaths were fentanyl-related in the area, and that number jumped to 51% when lockdowns were enacted in March.

Like COVID-19 and much of the money in the bloated bank accounts of the Biden family, a large percentage of fentanyl comes from communist China. It is smuggled in across the underdefended Mexican border.

Nationwide, the lockdowns are driving up drug use and suicide among teenagers. It’s almost as if the point of the lockdowns is not to save lives after all.

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Oct 19 2020

San Francisco Free Speech Rally Violently Shut Down

The San Francisco Bay Area was the nexus of the free speech movement. But that was back in the 1960s, when free speech was seen as helping leftists in their quest to take over America. They have largely succeeded; the left-wing insurgents are now the establishment, and we are one election away from them consolidating what might amount to total power.

Revolutionaries serve no purpose when the revolution is over. That’s why they often end up in front of firing squads. Free speech serves no purpose either. That’s why free speech rallies in the Bay Area now end up like this:

A free speech rally was shut down in San Francisco on Saturday after counter-protesters became violent. The situation became so dangerous for conservatives that police needed to escort them to their cars for their own safety from an angry mob.

No wonder the liberal mob hates the police so much. Always spoiling the fun.

A “Free Speech Rally Against Twitter and Big Tech” was planned for Saturday at the Federal Building at U.N. Plaza, which is near Twitter’s headquarters.

The point was to protest Twitter’s politically motivated suppression of information related to the bombshell story of international corruption involving Joe Biden and his bagman Hunter.

Unlike many of the Black Lives Matter/Antifa riots that have destroyed countless businesses across the country, Team Save America had a permit for the rally. But this permission came from the City of San Francisco, not the radical mob that controls the streets on the Left Coast.

Before the 1 p.m. free speech rally kicked off, hundreds of counter-protesters assembled in the area, including a group of black-clad individuals wielding shields. Demonstrators were holding signs that read, “Smash Fascism” and “Nazi Trump F*** Off.”

These “demonstrators” were Antifa stormtroopers. The latter slogan references a song by a local band, “Nazi Punks F*** Off” by the Dead Kennedys.

The main organizer, Philip Anderson, was attacked and punched while he was walking to the stage to deliver his speech. The counter-protesters threw bottles at Anderson while he was on stage. Anderson announced the rally was canceled.

“Too bad it got canceled, that’s what happens when you lose free speech, this is what our country has turned into,” Anderson told the crowd.

It is only a preview of what our country will turn into if Democrats are rewarded for this behavior by winning the election.

Anderson shared a photo that shows his bloody mouth with his front tooth knocked out and another hanging loosely with the caption: “Antifa attacked me for no reason.”

On the contrary, the reason was that Anderson represents resistance. Leftists do not tolerate opposition. Those who reject their demented ideology are “fascists” who must be destroyed — ironically through classic fascist tactics.

Anderson also posted a video from a hospital bed. “I have a question for you, Joe Biden. You said that Antifa is just an idea. This is what they did to me,” Anderson said with a front tooth missing. “I’m at the hospital right now … because of Antifa. Do you still think, after seeing this, that they’re just an idea?”

Too bad there is zero chance of Biden coming within earshot of a reporter who would ask that same question — not that he wouldn’t just sneer at the question anyway.

Six people were injured by the mostly peaceful brownshirts. As usual, no arrests were made, and the mainstream media will have little if anything to say about the incident.

Philip Anderson is black. Imagine the fireworks if Trump supporters knocked the teeth out of a black guy for trying to say something they didn’t want people to hear. There would be no other story in the news from now until election day. But dog bites man stories don’t attract much interest, especially since they don’t support the Narrative.

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Sep 18 2020

Race-Based Reproduction Incentives in San Francisco

Race-based social engineering suffered a setback with the fall of the Third Reich. Now it is making a comeback. San Francisco will pay blacks and Pacific Islanders $1,000 per month to have babies. Disfavored racial groups like whites and Asians are on their own.

This is on the level:

Mayor London Breed on Monday introduced the Abundant Birth Project, which will give a basic income supplement to 150 Black and Pacific Islander women during pregnancy. They’ll get $1,000 a month through their pregnancy and for the first six months postpartum, “with a goal of eventually providing a supplement for up to two years post-pregnancy,” the mayor announced.

Breed explicitly confirms that the incentives are “rooted in racial justice” — i.e., in the vindictive anti-Caucasian cultural Marxist ideology that is increasingly also anti-Asian.

Looks like they named Breed right, considering her predilection for racially oriented breeding.

By encouraging black women to give birth outside of wedlock, Breed is helping to keep her fellow blacks down, even as she makes them more numerous. There is no more reliable predictor of failure than growing up in a single-parent household.

Surprise surprise; Yahoo shut off the comments on this article. The information gatekeepers wouldn’t want anyone mitigating their heavy spin in favor of the Abundant Birth Project by pointing out that it is racist to the last extreme, and racism is supposed to be wrong.

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Sep 08 2020

City Gyms Open, Private Gyms Closed in San Francisco

Socialism is based on coercion, capitalism on enlightened self-interest. The main lesson learned from the Cold War is that a socialist system cannot compete with a capitalist system. However, in a mixed economy, coercion can provide government-run businesses with advantages over the private sector. COVID-19 has enabled an orgy of coercion. This makes it hard for privately owned gyms to compete with gyms owned by the city of San Francisco:

For months, the city of San Francisco health order has prevented local gyms from opening its doors, but some city-owned gyms have been back open for months and are allowing city employees to use them, crushing private gym owners.

Per a decree from Mayor London Breed, private gyms are forbidden from opening at least through the end of September. However, police officers, judges, lawyers, bailiffs, and paralegals can work out in municipal gyms. These gyms are special, making them as safe from coronavirus as the maskless Nancy Pelosi while getting her hair done.

Daniele Rabkin, who has struggled desperately to keep her gym Crossfit Golden Gate alive through the increasingly absurd lockdowns, cannot believe the arrogance:

“Even though they’re getting exposed, there are no repercussions, no ramifications? It’s shocking,” she said.

Shocking maybe, but not surprising. Single-party rule means extreme arrogance on the part of the rulers. Chicago is one example, California another. If Democrats manage to impose single-party rule nationwide by jiggering the system (enabling industrial scale voter fraud, abolishing the Electoral College, making DC and Puerto Rico into states, etc) and by flooding the country with unassimilable numbers of needy immigrants, the USA as a whole will be a third.

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