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Aug 01 2019

Why Homelessness Is Worse in San Francisco Than Seattle

We have seen the deleterious effects of feeding feral cats and the catastrophic effects of showering aid upon Africa. The same principle explains why the homelessness problem in San Francisco is even worse than in Seattle.

Seattle’s KOMO illustrates:

Despite increased incremental spending of tens of millions of dollars each year, San Francisco leaders were shocked when results of this year’s one night count of the city’s homeless went up 30 percent from just 2 years ago.

“Despite.” That’s like saying, “Despite continuing to pound their thumb with a hammer, it kept on hurting.”

San Francisco will spend $305 million on homeless housing, shelter and services in 2019. Seattle is spending roughly $90 million. Behavior, mental health and drug treatment services are not included in these totals.

Brandon Deerfield demonstrates the results of this demented waste of other people’s money. He used to be homeless in Seattle, and now lives on the streets in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district, where he finds it easier to acquire drugs.

Like a lot of homeless people, Brandon has switched from heroin to fentanyl, which is more powerful. Bums smoke it through discarded syringes.

“That’s why you don’t see syringes on the ground,” he says. “Since the city banned plastic straws, the addicts are using syringes as pipes.”

Consider that drinking straws are illegal, but syringes explicitly intended for the injection of heroin are provided at taxpayer expense by the government, and you will soon understand why San Francisco has a homelessness problem.

Brandon says people in San Francisco are more generous than Seattleites with their dollars to panhandlers who are ‘flying a sign.’”

In Seattle, he says, “They’re like, ‘Oh you are just going to spend it on drugs,’ but it’s normal for them out here.”

He says he can get $30 in 15 minutes when he ‘flies a sign’ asking for money, whereas in Seattle it could take him all day.

That comes to $120 per hour for indulging in uselessness during a time of extremely low unemployment.

“They already know, they give it to you and say here, ‘I don’t care what you do with this,’” he says.

This depraved form of do-gooderism is reflected in a municipal government in San Francisco that tops even Seattle’s for moonbattery.

He also said services are more readily available in San Francisco than Seattle.

“I feel they have more services here; they are more on top of it here because it’s so full of homeless.”

It is beyond belief that the leftist bureaucrats in charge do not understand that it works the other way around; they have so many derelicts because they throw so much money at them.

Meanwhile California Governor Gavin Newsom squeaks that he will double the vast amount of state tax money that is spent subsidizing homelessness. This plague will not go away until moonbattery does.

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Jul 04 2019

San Francisco to Destroy George Washington Mural

Looks like George Washington will be following fellow Founding Father Thomas Jefferson into the memory hole. From AP:

San Francisco will spend up to $600,000 to paint over historical artwork at a public school depicting the life of George Washington, a mural once seen as educational and innovative but now criticized as racist and degrading for its depiction of black and Native American people.

Anything depicting a Caucasian is likely to be seen as “racist and degrading” to strategically aggrieved racial groups these days. Even to remind people of the Enlightenment period that produced George Washington is offensive. That is the reason Nike gave for opposing the Betsy Ross Flag.

The “Life of Washington” was painted by Victor Arnautoff, one of the foremost muralists in the San Francisco area during the Depression.

In those days, San Francisco was part of America. Even so, Arnautoff was a Russian-born communist, who apparently intended the fresco as a critique of Washington. At the time, it was considered radical. Now, it isn’t radical enough.

The San Francisco School Board’s decision to paint over the 83-year-old mural is prompting some to worry that other artwork from the so-called New Deal era could face a similar fate because of changing sensitivities.

This won’t stop at the New Deal era. The War on History demands that everything produced before yesterday be demonized and/or erased. Only a people with no heritage is malleable enough to be forged into suitable inhabitants for utopia.

The name of the school is George Washington High School. No doubt that will be changed to something more suitable, like Huey Newton High.

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Jun 26 2019

Moonbattery Destroys San Francisco and Los Angeles

Everything that moonbattery touches is made corrupt, filthy, diseased, hideous, and dysfunctional. This includes even some of the most beautiful cities in the world, like the crown jewels of California, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Once upon a time, some of the most beautiful cities in the entire world were on the west coast, but now those same cities are degenerating into drug-infested cesspools of filth and garbage right in front of our eyes. … Right now, nearly a quarter of the nation’s homeless population lives in the state of California, and more are arriving with each passing day. When you walk the streets of San Francisco or Los Angeles, you can’t help but notice the open air drug markets, the giant mountains of trash, and the discarded needles and piles of human feces that are seemingly everywhere. If this is what things look like when the U.S. economy is still relatively stable, how bad are things going to get when the economy tanks?

Tank it will, if only because liberals are sure to get back into power and inflict policies motivated by Marxism and climate ideology that are explicitly hostile toward the success of the free market economy.

UN official Leilani Farha visited San Francisco last year. She compared the conditions there to Third World hellholes like Mumbai. The difference is, San Francisco is the epicenter of the tech industry and therefore one of the wealthiest cities in the world. The condition of its streets is purely a function of liberal local politicians who incentivize homeless and tolerate illegal aliens and recreational drugs. Add in a severe economic slowdown and it will make Mumbai look like paradise.

As for Los Angeles,

If someone predicted half a century ago that a Los Angeles police station or indeed L.A. City Hall would be in danger of periodic, flea-borne infectious typhus outbreaks, he would have been considered unhinged. … Yet typhus, along with outbreaks of infectious hepatitis A, are in the news on California streets. … Hygienists warn that permissive municipal governments are setting the stage — through spiking populations of history’s banes of fleas, lice, and rats — for possible dark-age outbreaks of plague or worse.

If moonbattery can do this to California, it can do it to the rest of the country.

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Apr 19 2019

Bay Area Brownout

As previously documented (see e.g., here, here, here, here, and here), terminal liberalism is literally reducing formerly beautiful San Francisco to a sewer. Nasty as the brownout has already become, it continues to worsen at a dramatic pace:

Between 2011 and 2018, San Francisco experienced a massive increase in reported incidents of human feces found on public streets.

In 2011, just over 5,500 reports were logged by the San Francisco Department of Public Works; in 2018, the number increased to more than 28,000.

This counts only those incidents that were actually reported:

Avoid any city that has utterly succumbed to moonbattery — and if you can’t, watch where you step.

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Apr 01 2019

Drugs and San Francisco

In the 1960s, the hippies came to San Francisco with their drugs. The drugs are still there. The liberals in charge have dealt with the problem by facilitating drug use out of the goodness of their hearts. Let’s see how that approach has worked out:

At the heart of Silicon Valley, San Francisco is one of the wealthiest cities in the country. It demonstrates that homelessness is not primarily an economic problem but a symptom of drug abuse, which in turn is a symptom of degeneracy and irresponsibility at both the personal level and the government level.

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Mar 25 2019

Bailing on Bay Area Moonbat Utopia

Progressives have produced a prototype of utopia in the San Francisco Bay Area, where there is virtually no resistance to leftist politics. Unsurprisingly, people want out.

Almost two-thirds say quality of life has declined over the past 5 years, largely due to housing prices, the general cost of living, and the out-of-control infestation of drug-addled mentally ill derelicts.

It’s so bad that about 44 percent say they are likely to move out of the Bay Area in the next few years, with 6 percent saying they have definite plans to leave this year.

At the heart of the region is America’s most liberal city — where dissatisfaction is the worst.

San Francisco residents showed the most displeasure, with 72 percent saying life in the Bay Area has soured in recent years.

Progressives push their policies by suggesting a society is racist that doesn’t put the interests of black people first — and yet:

Pessimism spread across ethnic groups, with black voters most often reporting a drop in the quality of life.

Liberals also claim to be the champions of the working class and Hispanics — and yet:

About two-thirds of blue collar workers said they were likely to leave the region, far more than white collar professionals (43 percent) and service workers (44 percent). And more than half of the Latino residents and 7 in 10 black residents polled said they planned to move in the next few years.

Liberals shriek about the evils of income equality — and yet:

Wage growth is falling behind the rapid escalation of housing prices, and the middle class is slipping farther behind high-earners in the Bay Area.

A major Bay Area complaint is the traffic. Progressives say they will take our money and use it to provide efficient public transport — and yet:

Voters complained in interviews about unreliable public rail and buses, high-density apartments and condos adding traffic, and the steady rise in transportation taxes and fees that never seem to make highways and transit faster and better.

This about sums up the erstwhile Golden State under moonbat rule:

[Softward engineer Diego] Vela, 30, has a good salary that could be the envy of friends and family back home in Texas. But then he explains to outsiders the high cost of living in California. “It looks nice,” he said, “until you factor in reality.”

That’s why leftists keep reality at a distance.

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Jan 12 2019

Dead Raccoon in San Francisco McDonald’s

Something interesting can happen at any time when you live in a city that moonbats have reduced to an open-air insane asylum. In San Francisco, McDonald’s customers were recently presented with a blood-dripping dead raccoon:

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Dec 27 2018

Postcards From San Francisco

The promised utopia awaits not in the faraway future but right now in San Francisco, a city so liberal that Nancy Pelosi represents it in Congress. Dysfunctional behavior is not only permitted but encouraged, as required by progressive ideology. The inevitable consequences are so conspicuous, even CNN can’t help notice them:

Outside the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in downtown San Francisco, a woman urinates on the sidewalk and smokes a crack pipe. …

About 50 yards away, a man injects another woman in the neck with a needle. …

This San Francisco neighborhood is home to the headquarters of Uber, Twitter and Salesforce. But stroll around here, and you’re also likely to find used drug paraphernalia, trash, and human excrement on the sidewalks, and people lying in various states of consciousness.

Ruin and decay don’t come cheap. Local government provides subsidies:

Last week, the mayor announced a detailed plan to direct a $181 million cash windfall the city received from the state to homelessness, affordable housing and related problems. The proposal includes nearly $20 million to be spent on beds for patients who have addiction and mental health problems.

Spending money on the homeless unsurprisingly draws the homeless and exacerbates the problems they cause. In Los Angeles, doubling the homeless budget increased homeless crime by nearly 50%.

No crisis is so bad that the progs who caused it can’t make it worse while supposedly fixing it:

San Francisco may also see an influx of cash to help solve the crisis, after a controversial ballot measure passed in November. Known as “Prop C,” the measure is viewed as a “homeless tax” — it aims to raise $300 million a year to spend on homeless services by taxing big businesses.

The city already provides junkies with 4.45 million free needles per year. Now Mayor London Breed wants to offer taxpayer-funded shooting galleries (a.k.a. “safe injection sites”), staffed with healthcare workers. If abortion is healthcare, then so is helping junkies shoot up.

Restauranteur Adam Mesnick lives and works in South of Market (SoMa). If you are among the shrinking number of travelers planning to visit, his Twitter page gives you a preview of the sights to behold:

The page CleanUpWestSOMA offers an alternate travel guide:

Don’t let this happen to your town. Block moonbattery at every opportunity.

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