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Sep 17 2021

Male Karen Stalks Maskless Woman in Target

As they consolidate control, moonbats continue to fundamentally transform America into a nightmarish science fiction movie. This scene from the 1978 version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers is iconic:

The 2021 real life equivalent occurred when a woman tried to go about her shopping at Target without wearing a Covid obedience muzzle:

Not even Big Government is big enough to impose absolute tyranny by itself. It needs self-righteous volunteers like this male Karen to snuff out the last liberty.

If masks and vaccines do any good, this moonbat with his silly vaccination badge need not worry about whether other people avail themselves of them — except this is not about health, any more than renaming the Cleveland Indians is about protecting Indians from racist oppression. For leftists, bullying is an end in itself.

On tips from Jack Bauer and KirklesWorth. Hat tip: Salty Cracker.


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2 Responses to “Male Karen Stalks Maskless Woman in Target”

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