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Dec 23 2021

Math Test for Teachers Ruled Racist in Canada

The USA isn’t the only country that will find it hard to keep up with the ChiComs due to the corrosion of math education by wokeness. In Canada, it has been ruled unconstitutional to require teachers to be proficient in math — because racism:

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice ruled Friday the Maths Proficiency Test (MPT) requirement “unconstitutional” after finding that it impaired non-white teacher candidates and that government schools did not do enough to address MPT-related racial inequity.

The MPT was implemented as part of an effort to improve Ontario students’ below-average math scores, according to CBC News.

Ontario teachers were allowed to keep taking the test until they finally passed, but forcing them to do this was deemed racist by the kooks in charge. According to the liberal religion, anything alleged to have a disparate impact that is harmful to blacks must be banned. As we have seen, this includes academic standards.

There is a significant relationship between teachers’ licensure test scores and student achievement, according to evidence brought forward during deliberations.

Student achievement is itself racist, which is why it is undergoing cancelation in the name of equity.

A society that has succumbed to moonbattery cannot compete with a society that has not. This is why even the inbred savages comprising the Taliban were able to defeat the United States.

When self-induced weakness inevitably invites direct aggression from China, the bill will come due for submitting to liberal degeneration. Pronouns will not protect us.

Hat tip: Maggie’s Farm.


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