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Jul 28 2021

Memorial Canceled for Very Vaguely Resembling Hitler

In a demonstration of their non-Hitlerlike tolerance, German moonbats have forced a guy to remove a statue commemorating his late father on the grounds that it supposedly resembles the Führer.

The New York Post reports:

The tiff broke out recently in Weil im Schönbuch in Baden-Württemberg after a man named Oliver — whose last name was withheld — erected the wooden sculpture on the grave of his dad, Edwald E., a carpenter who died in 2013, Bild reported.

Let’s have a look:

Sure enough: two ears, two eyes, a nose, maybe even a moustache — same as Adolf Hitler.

Plus there is the number 88 on his soccer jersey…

…which is code for “Heil Hitler” in the neo-Nazi movement, as “H” is the eighth letter of the alphabet.

Just the other day, I predicted that when liberals run out of other things to cancel for being racist, they will go after letters of the alphabet.

No doubt the Hitler regime maintained power using the same tactics as the Stasi, which inherited the socialist police state in the eastern part of the country under Soviet domination. That is, it counted on people to rat each other out to the authorities for political infractions so that the force of government could be brought to bear.

The more things change, the more they stay the same:

Concerned citizens complained about the Nazi facsimile to the mayor, who promptly had the statue taken down at the cemetery but permitted Oliver to keep it on his own lawn.

Good thing this happened in Germany and not the USA; Black Lives Matter or Antifa would set fire to the statue, possibly bringing his house down for good measure.

In reality, the devoted son is not a Nazi, and 88 reflects the number of the house in which his father lived. But moonbattery it is not about reality. It is about striking a self-righteous pose, and then imposing that pose.

Officials are investigating whether the sculpture violates the German Criminal Code.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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