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Sep 02 2020

Merit-Based Admissions Restricted in California

A judge has ruled that the University of California, the largest university system in the country, is not allowed to use the ACT and SAT tests in admissions, even on an optional basis, because disabilities.

The idea is that COVID-19 restrictions make it harder for people with disabilities to take the tests.

The “test optional” policy at most UC campuses affords privileged, non-disabled students a “second look” in admissions, said Brad Seligman, the Alameda County Superior Court Judge who issued the preliminary injunction in the case of Kawika Smith v. Regents of the University of California on Tuesday.

“Non-disabled” now equals “privileged.” Privilege must be destroyed, so that there will be equity.

At the same time, he said, a “second look” would be denied to less privileged students and students with disabilities who are unable to access the tests. Therefore, the conclusion is to do away with the tests all together.

Because they are objective measures of a student’s aptitude, the ACT and SAT have been on the way out anyway. According to the prevailing ideology, merit is both classist…

Research has repeatedly proved that students from wealthy families score higher on the SAT and ACT, compared to students from low-income families.

…and racist:

“Hispanic and African-American students from comparable socioeconomic families scored lower than their Asian-American and White peers,” according to a 2013 paper titled “Race, Poverty and SAT Scores.”

If current trends continue, soon no able-bodied Caucasian will be allowed into college, since “diversity” will be the only admittance standard permitted. By then, Democrats will have made college “free.” They will have to, or no one will be willing to go into debt to attend. Moonbattery is rotting higher education into an obscenely expensive joke.

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