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Sep 02 2020

Facebook Rules Would Forbid Praise or Support for Black Lives Matter and Antifa

Kyle Rittenhouse appears to be a good kid who meant well by traveling to Kenosha to defend people’s property. He has been designated a demon by the liberal establishment, because he shot three rioters who were attacking him, killing two. Without evidence or relevance, he has been accused of the ultimate thought crime: white supremacism. Lest someone spoil the Two Minutes Hate, pointing out facts that contradict the liberal narrative on Rittenhouse can get you banned by Facebook.

Mark Dice is learning this the hard way:

It was interesting to learn that Facebook does not allow “praise or support of dangerous individuals or organizations.” They give examples of what they mean by “dangerous.” The first two are:

• Terrorist activity
• Organized hate or violence

None of the examples even remotely applies to Kyle Rittenhouse. However, the two above clearly apply to Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

Let’s see if Facebook bans praising and supporting these violent organizations, which are centered on hatred of the police and America, and which have been engaged in terrorist activities such as burning down businesses and attacking motorists on a regular basis for months now.

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