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Feb 05 2023

Miami Police Drive Around in Ad for Afrocentrism

Black History Month is when the authorities stop doubling down on their obsessive worship of all things African and instead triple down on it. The cultural Marxist moonbattery is so excessive that Miami police are showcasing a vehicle transformed into a gaudy advertisement for the black supremacist ideology of Black Lives Matter sociopaths who riot against them.

This is actually on the level:

The raised fists have a dual meaning. Like Black Lives Matter itself, they represent both black supremacy and Marxism.

Via Daily Mail:

Mayor Francis Suarez presented the cruiser that was designed by the city police union on Thursday alongside Miami Police Chief Manuel Morales.

The car displayed the ‘Black Power’ symbol along with African flags and the slogan ‘Miami police support Black History Month.’

Maybe next year they will force officers to trade in their uniforms for loincloths.

The pandering is so tastelessly over the top that not even BLM can stomach it:

The Black Live Matter Twitter account also commented on the matter by posting a gif of Cardi B saying, ‘I just hate it.’

Blacks comprise 13% of the US population. Yet Afrocentrism has become our national religion — or at least, our state religion.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.


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