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Mar 31 2021

Michel Foucault, Founding Father of Wokism

Michel Foucault was probably modern liberalism’s most influential thinker. His postmodernism gave birth to critical theory, featuring rejection of the individual, the universal, Western Civilization, and objective reality in favor of identity groups locked in power struggles of the saintly “oppressed” against demonized “oppressors.” This produced critical race theory, the foundation of Democrat Party ideology.

Like critical theory, postmodernism is a viciously destructive philosophy. Evil ideologies are hatched by evil people, so it should come as no surprise that Foucault molested little boys:

A contemporary intellectual, Guy Sorman, told Britain’s The Sunday Times that he witnessed Foucault courting young boys during his time in Tunisia when the French philosopher took a philosophy professorship at the University of Tunis.

No wonder Foucault advocated legalizing pedophilia.

The victims were as young as 8 years. The press knew about it, but like today’s mainstream media, covered up what reflected poorly on leftists.

Despite Foucault’s self-professed Marxist leanings, Sorman said that his behaviour in real life was indicative of French elitism, noting that Foucalt “believed there were two morals, one for the elite, which was immoral, and one for the people, which should be restrictive.”

Leftists have decayed since Foucault’s time. His American intellectual offspring are just as elitist, but use their control of the media to promote moral degeneracy for everyone.

Foucault publicly expressed interest in sadomasochism as practiced in gay bathhouses in the USA. He died of AIDS at age 57.

Roger Scruton gets at the heart of Foucault’s contribution to moonbattery:

Foucault’s approach reduces culture to a power-game, and scholarship to a kind of refereeing in the endless “struggle” between oppressed and oppressing groups. The shift of emphasis from the content of an utterance to the power that speaks through it leads to a new kind of scholarship, which bypasses entirely questions of truth and rationality, and can even reject those questions as themselves ideological.

Establishment journalists reject objective reality in favor of the liberal narrative because they have been steeped in this viewpoint.

The poisonous Foucault is said to be the world’s most cited academic. You might say he personified modern academia.

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