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Mar 16 2021

Our Culture Under Moonbats

We will still have a culture, even after leftists have canceled classical literature like Shakespeare, classical music like Beethoven, classic movies like Gone With the Wind, classic TV shows like The Dukes of Hazard, classic Christmas songs like “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” classic children’s authors like Dr Seuss, classic cartoons like Pepe le Pew, classic brands like Aunt Jemima, et cetera. It just won’t be our culture.

It will be an alien culture consisting only of that which bears the liberal ruling class’s stamp of approval. This culture was on display at the 2021 Grammys, where Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion performed a 5X platinum song that is known by the acronym “WAP” because its title is obscene. The pornographic lyrics are the state of the art in vulgarity as an end in itself.

Here’s what our rulers feed your kids while they forbid them to read Dr Seuss and stick offensive content warnings on The Muppet Show:

If there is a way for humanity to become even more debased, progressives will discover it and ram it down our throats.

The Culture War is not over so long as one decent person is left alive. Losing this war is not an option.

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