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May 01 2022

Midwives Trained to Deliver Men’s Babies

We have let leftists impose their demented ideology on a totalitarian basis, so that it infuses every aspect of life. Consequently, we live in a lunatic asylum.

From Scotland:

Midwifery students are being taught how to help men give birth in a textbook that experts have warned is rife with anatomical fiction.

Edinburgh Napier University told training midwives that they may be caring for a “birthing person” who has male genitalia and a prostate gland, in a bid to support transgender people.

Don’t be too hard on the educrats at Edinburgh Napier. If you don’t bend over backward to placate maniacs who have made a belligerent religion out of pretending to be members of the opposite sex, you are subject to cancelation.

Men don’t give birth. But who wants to say that out loud and be labeled a bigot?

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