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Jan 30 2021

Pentagon Prioritizes Fighting Climate Change

It’s like watching a black comedy about an alternate reality in which America is taken over by left-wing lunatics. It would be hilarious, if only it weren’t real:

The Pentagon has made an early morning announcement that “climate change” will factor into the military’s future National Defense Strategy. Biden’s Secretary of Defense and retired Army General Lloyd J. Austin released a statement saying “I fully support the President’s direction today to include climate considerations as an essential element of our national security and to assess the impacts of climate change on our security strategies, operations, and infrastructure.” Secretary Austin’s statement regarding Transgendered servicemen and women in the military began with the exact same words “I fully support the President’s direction…”

The USA has not been involved in a war it could not afford to lose since World War II. Our next one may be with communist China. Under the current administration, we would be unlikely to win it. The Chinese military is not focused on imaginary adversaries like climate change, and won’t field an army of Corporal Klinger types dressed in women’s clothes.

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One Response to “Pentagon Prioritizes Fighting Climate Change”

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