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Jul 08 2021

Mob of Savages Prevails in Philly Suburb

It takes no more than a tweeted rumor to set off the mob. Pray no one tweets about you, or you could end up like Edward Cagney Mathews of the Philadelphia suburb Mount Laurel. After context-free video of him spewing racial invective at a Neighbor of Color who pushed him and called him a “white monkey” hit social media, Black Lives Matter showed up at his house.

In the video, he behaved like a belligerent jerk asking for trouble. But if belligerent jerks don’t have the right of free speech, then no one does — and if they don’t get to live in a civilized country, no one does.

Renegade Tribute reports:

Mathews was placed under arrest for bias intimidation and harassment and was later hit with additional bias intimidation and assault charges. As best as I can tell, the assault charges may have been for him getting up in his neighbor’s face and pushing his belly into him.

Not even one member of the mob who attacked him, responding police, or his house was placed under arrest.

Watch how the mob behaves as Mathews is taken into custody:

It is now commonplace to see savages throwing missiles at the police, knowing that there will be no consequences because the liberal establishment will always take their side.

Rather than telling BLM not to form vigilante mobs and surround and attack people’s homes and instead let our justice system work out such disputes, Burlington County Prosecutor Scott Coffina told the mob they “had every right to be upset” because of his “despicable conduct.”

The town’s mayor Stephen Steglik issued a statement that Mathews makes him sick to his stomach. Mathews “is not who we are.” The mob is.

Officers were hit with pepper spray and bottles. Not only Mathews’ townhouse but those adjoining it were damaged by the mob. But he’s the one in jail, not for being a jerk, but for angering Black Lives Matter.

Civilization is collapsing before our eyes. Liberals may not like what replaces it as much as they think.

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