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Apr 04 2021

Moonbat Falls Off Chase Bank

No matter how repressively left-wing their posturing, major corporations will continue to be targeted by moonbats like Kevin Clarke, who unsuccessfully attempted to climb up the side of a Chase bank in Manhattan during a protest on Friday.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes:

Clarke, 32, is screaming for pain meds and handcuffed to his hospital bed in Bellevue, his pelvis shattered from the caught-on-video, 30-foot plunge, sister Nicole Clarke said by phone from Los Angeles.

At least he gets to be famous for a few seconds:

No, moonbats don’t have black blood. The fluid leaking out is paint, with which he evidently intended to vandalize the bank.

Online observers billed the ersatz Spider-Man an “anti-capitalist protester,” but his sister insisted the next day that he had joined a protest group Extinction Rebellion because he wanted to fight climate change.

Like tax money given to Planned Parenthood but not for abortions, moonbattery is fungible. It doesn’t matter whether you hate capitalism, fossil fuels, white people, or civilization in general — the behavior is the same.

Chase was targeted because it “is the biggest funder of fossil fuel investments in the world,” she said.

Despite his moral opposition to businesses that use energy generated from fossil fuels (i.e., all businesses), Clarke was a business owner himself, though his sister would not describe its nature.

“What I can tell you is that he was a small business owner in Manhattan whose business was devastated by the COVID crisis,” she said.

If not for moonbattery, which caused both the draconian Covid lockdowns and his misguided foray into activism, Clarke could be running his business now, generating wealth and the sense of satisfaction that comes from not being a useless person.

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