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May 12 2021

Moonbat Tech: Rona Shed on Wheels

Covid is winding down. Pretty much anyone who wants vaccination can easily get it. But that’s no reason for moonbats to stop theatrically panicking, because crisis is the health of the state, and government coercion is a progressive’s god.

Wearing a mask to go shopping does not signal sufficient hysteria, as many people wear them only because they are forced to. Wearing two masks or even three doesn’t attract enough attention, and also may cause you to pass out from hypoxia. To shop like a true liberal, you need a Rona Shed on Wheels:

Note that you still need a mask and gloves, even inside the Rona Shed.

Get one right away, before Biden’s handlers make them mandatory, at which point they will only signal submission but not virtue.

Hat tip: Not the Bee.


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