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May 12 2021

Black Lives Matter Runs Police in Plano

After all the viciousness Black Lives Matter maniacs have heaped on the police, including hundreds of assaults and even setting fire to police stations, how could the police side with them against regular Americans? Why would they do it in a nice conservative town like Plano, Texas? Yet that is what recently happened:

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton blasted “mob rule” and Plano’s police chief after an angry driver caught on video confronting Black Lives Matter militants for blocking traffic was the only person charged in Saturday’s incident.

In a statement, Paxton focuses the blame where it belongs — on Plano’s Chief of Police:

[T]he Chief was anxious to excuse the rioters. “You have to understand the situation,” urged the Chief. “We have to negotiate with these people. Do you expect us to mass arrest these protesters? You know that’s not going to happen.” Most law enforcement officers are ready and willing to uphold law and order. We need them to do that. But too many are held back by politically motivated leaders, crippled by the woke agitators, now aiders and abettors to liberal lunacy.

Amen. Plano Chief of Police Ed Drain is himself a woke agitator. Here he is marching with his fellow militant moonbats:

Here we see Drain barking Black Lives Matter moonbattery:

Appointments on the basis of politically correct virtue signaling rather than suitability for the job have to stop. How else would a kook like Drain end up running the police in Plano? It isn’t Dallas, let alone Portland — although it will soon follow liberal cities down the drain so to speak if leftists are left in charge.

Matt Christiansen provides the thoughtful analysis no longer offered by the corrupted mainstream media:

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