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Aug 23 2020

Moonbats, Countermoonbats Face Off in Portland

You won’t see pushback against the recent surge of ultraleftism from major corporations (quite the contrary), but there has been some on the streets of Portland.

Right-wing groups organized a noon event yesterday at Terry Schrunk plaza with the currently controversial goal of “saying no to Marxism.” At the same time, the “Mother of All Back the Blue Rallies” took place at the Justice Center.

It would be unthinkable for Antifa to allow people they disagree with to demonstrate peaceably in Portland. Chaos predictably erupted:

[T]hroughout the morning and early afternoon, both sides fairly equally used a variety of weapons and tossed numerous objects at each other. …

After about an hour of the increasingly tense standoff, no police were present on the scene.

The marginalization of local law enforcement under liberal rule means armies clashing in broad daylight where civilization once flourished.

Yahoo News applied the predictable spin with this headline:

Trump Supporters and Anti-Racism Protesters Clash in Portland, Oregon

A more accurate headline might have read, “Supporters of Law Enforcement and America in General Clash With Racist Marxists and Anarchists.”

Comments are blocked on the Yahoo piece, lest the narrative be disrupted by noncompliant viewpoints.

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