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May 31 2021

More Evidence That Biden et al Do Not Wish USA Well

Joe Biden and/or his handlers didn’t settle for crippling the energy industry, with a predictable effect on gas prices. They are also restricting our access to lumber to build housing and even minerals required for their precious electric cars.

Regarding the minerals,

Biden will rely on ally countries to supply the bulk of the metals needed to build electric vehicles and focus on processing them domestically into battery parts, part of a strategy designed to placate environmentalists, two administration officials with direct knowledge told Reuters.

Don’t worry that being forbidden from using our own resources will drive up prices by limiting supply. Biden’s handlers can just print some more money.

Speaking of rising prices, lumber has skyrocketed, lifting the cost of housing along with it through the stratosphere. The Biden Administration response to this crisis has been to make it even worse by more than doubling the tariffs on Canadian lumber from 8.99% to 18.32%:

The move to increase tariffs on Canadian lumber suppliers comes as lumber prices have risen over 275% since last April alone. Canada’s share of the US lumber market sits at around 25% as well, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Chuck Fowke, chairman of the National Association of Home Builders, can hardly believe it:

“At a time when soaring lumber prices have added nearly $36,000 to the price of a new home and priced millions of middle-class households out of the housing market, the Biden administration’s preliminary finding on Friday to double the tariffs on Canadian lumber shipments into the U.S. shows the White House does not care about the plight of American home buyers and renters who have been forced to pay much higher costs for housing,” Fowke wrote.

Canada has been pushed in the direction of selling its lumber to our ChiCom adversaries instead.

In case a pattern hasn’t emerged yet, consider that Biden is releasing several Gitmo terrorists, including Saifullah Paracha, who planned to smuggle in shipping containers full of C4 for the purpose of blowing up Americans, and Ammar al-Baluchi, who helped prepare the 9/11 hijackers. Both were involved in planning to obtain “chemical or biological agents” from China to use in future terror attacks. Paracha and al-Baluchi also discussed obtaining “radiological or nuclear items” for a big al Qaeda project in the USA.

We are ruled by people who — to put it mildly — do not have our best interests at heart. If the Obama Administration represented the “managed decline” of America, the Biden Administration represents its abruptly induced decline. This would be consistent with the ideology of the radicalized Democratic Party, according to which the USA is a systemically racist and excessively Caucasian font of evil.

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