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May 04 2022

MSNBC Viewers Learn True Fact Regarding Abortion

It’s not as if MSNBC viewers never learn anything while marinating in the moonbattery that is presented as news:

In response to the leaked draft US Supreme Court opinion that indicates a possible overturning of Roe v. Wade, Yamiche Alcindor of MSNBC warned that one of the dangers of pregnancy is having children.

The rhetoric is cast in Cultural Marxist terms, as usual. Shrieks Yamiche:

“[F]or a lot of vulnerable women – women who are poor women or women of color – they will be forced to have pregnancies that they cannot afford to terminate and pregnancies that will then turn into children.”

If you don’t kill them in the womb, they can make all sorts of demands on your time.

Alcindor presented this biology lesson while demagoguing in front of an abortion mill in Mississippi, which would actually be affected by a repeal of Roe v. Wade. In contrast, the deep blue states that excrete the media will make this liberal sacrament more accessible than ever.

What moonbats are so upset about that barriers needed to be erected to protect the Supreme Court is that it will be left to voters to decide whether they want abortion. Voters in states with fewer liberals may decide against it. The same progressives who screech incessantly about threats to “our democracy” regard this as unacceptable.

This takes irony to a new extreme:

Possibly having to cross state lines to kill your baby can leave you feeling “like someone has died.” Yet what they are complaining about is that someone they want dead may not die with sufficient convenience.

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