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Feb 25 2022

Nearly $1 Million to House Each Derelict

Liberals attempt to solve the homelessness problem by throwing other people’s money at it. This incentivizes homelessness, which is why it has reached crisis levels in parts of the country controlled by liberals. Given that they pour across the open boarder, the supply of potential homeless people is infinite. In contrast, the supply of other people’s money is limited — especially when you consider how inefficiently liberals spend it:

A $1.2 billion program intended to quickly build housing for Los Angeles’ sprawling homeless population is moving too slowly while costs are spiking, with one project under development expected to hit as much as $837,000 for each housing unit, a city audit disclosed Wednesday.

About 1,200 units have been completed since voters approved the spending in 2016, which was then a centerpiece in a strategy intended to get thousands of people off the streets.

Big Government caused the homelessness crisis by enabling the lifestyle; by disincentivizing work and personal responsibility; by shackling the economy with excessive taxes and regulations that reduce employment; by allowing devastating drugs to flow across the border and using taxpayer money to encourage their use; and by making housing prohibitively expensive through inflation and (especially in California) envirofascist lunacy. At the risk of stating the obvious, the solution to homelessness is not more Big Government.

Admittedly, government could make itself useful by closing the border and locking up the floridly insane. But constructive measures are not on the agenda.

Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom … has budgeted record sums to combat homelessness… The state is providing roughly $12 billion on homelessness programs over two years. …

When [Mayor Eric ] Garcetti took office in 2013, the city was spending about $10 million treating homelessness. The budget he signed last year included about $1 billion.

Consequently, homelessness is skyrocketing. Yet the fools in charge learn nothing.

Mayor Eric Garcetti says the project is coming along fine, “producing more units than promised, at a lower cost than expected.” Homeless advocates shriek that the money already wasted represents only a drop in the bucket.

The problem will continue to get worse until the San Andreas Fault mercifully steps in to put moonbat-infested coastal California out of its misery.

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