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Aug 18 2020

Network Newscasts 150 Times More Negative Toward Trump

Some things are almost too massive to quantitate, like the extent of media bias against Trump’s reelection. But NewsBusters gives it a try:

From June 1 through July 31, the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts focused 512 minutes of airtime on the President, or nine times more than the 58 minutes allotted to Biden. …

The extra airtime devoted to Trump consisted almost entirely of anchors and reporters criticizing the President. During these two months, our analysts documented 668 evaluative statements about the President, 95 percent of which (634) were negative, vs. a mere five percent (34) that were positive.

Of the few evaluative statements that were made about Biden, 67% were positive, proving that you can’t accuse network producers of not having any imagination.

NewsBusters concludes that there were 150 times more negative comments about Trump than about Biden.

This is consistent with Democratic strategy. Biden’s handlers know better than to ask people to vote for the cognitively declining husk of a corrupt swamp veteran, or for the unhinged radicals who most likely will be calling the shots for him. So they keep Biden in the basement like some freak in a horror movie and ask us to vote against Trump, whom they demonize at every opportunity.

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One Response to “Network Newscasts 150 Times More Negative Toward Trump”

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