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Aug 26 2022

Neuroqueerness: Lunacy as a Privileged Identity

The clinically insane have achieved the cherished status of an “oppressed” identity group, to judge by a course announced earlier this year by American University:

According to the course description for “Mental Health, Madness, and Neuroqueerness,” the class will, “critically examine how ideas about mental health and wellness are situated in systems of colonialism, white supremacy, capitalism, and patriarchy.”

Just as pedophiles are now to be called MAPs, insanity will henceforth be referred to as “neuroqueerness.” Update your Newspeak Dictionary accordingly.

The course will also explore, “the life stories and knowledge of those who have been labeled or claimed the label of mad, neuroqueer, and/or mentally ill,” and “the longer histories of mental health discourses and encounters the lived experience of madness and neurodivergence.”

Those who went into hock to pay for this course get the added benefit of Biden’s student loan “forgiveness.”

Whether being crazy counts as neurodivergence even for those who are not sexual perverts is unclear:

According to Nick Walker, who claims to have coined the term, “Neuroqueer[ing],” is defined as, “the practice of queering (subverting, defying, disrupting, liberating oneself from) neuronormativity and heteronormativity simultaneously.”

“Neuronormativity” is Liberalese for what we would call “sanity.” The long clumsy word is intended to pathologize the concept.

Congratulations to Karine Jean-Pierre. A black lesbian from abroad now accrues extra intersectional bonus points for having loose screws in her head. All she has to do is convert to Islam and reveal herself to have undergone a sex change operation and she will reach the apex of the Cultural Marxist Pyramid of Power.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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