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May 07 2021

New Ant Gets Woke Name

No one escapes from woke totalitarianism — not even insects. Here is how the authorities impose their bizarre gender ideology on ants:

A newly discovered ant is now the first animal species to be given a scientific name ending in “they” to honor gender diversity.

Some might go into the sciences as a way to escape from moonbattery. But there is no escape anywhere. Leftists impose their outlook on everything conceivable.

Researchers named the miniature trap-jaw ant from the luscious tropical forests of Ecuador “Strumigenys ayersthey.”

Typically, when species are named after people, the scientific name ends with -ae (after females) and -i (after males), but this group of researchers wanted to celebrate nonbinary people.

The “ayers” part of the name made me wonder if the ant was named after communist terrorist and Barack Obama mentor Bill Ayers. Actually, it was named after “activist and artist Jeremy Ayers”:

Ayers, who passed away in 2016, was a gay human rights activist who fought for underrepresented communities and nonbinary individuals.

Maybe they will keep Bill Ayers in mind for the next time they find a new species of cockroach.

On tips from Wiggins and Lyle.


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