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May 07 2021

Olympics, Utah Supreme Court Succumb to LGBT Lunacy

To the list of institutions that have been infiltrated, subverted, and reduced to a sick joke by moonbattery, we can add the Olympics. Women’s weightlifting competitions are officially meaningless. All other women’s sports will quickly to follow.

New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard will reportedly become the first transgender Olympian after qualifying for this summer’s Tokyo Games, according to various reports.

Hubbard is a man, and used to compete as one. But now he identifies as a woman. He will lift in the women’s super-heavyweight category. In the unlikely event that he encounters any real women who can lift as much as he can, his next step toward Olympic gold may be to identify as featherweight.

By pretending to be a woman, Hubbard got himself named the winner at the Pacific Games in Samoa in 2019. Tough luck for whichever actual woman deserved the medal.

Circling the drain along with the Olympics is the Utah Supreme Court, which has followed other courts in decreeing that because LGBT ideology ranks above biology, the sexually disoriented can have their birth certificates changed so as to give the incorrect sex.

If you identify as someone who was born in a different city, presumably you can have that changed too. You might try having your parents changed, to put yourself in line for a big inheritance.

LGBT militants celebrate yet another victory over sanity:

For transgender people, having a driver’s license or identification with “the wrong [i.e., the right] gender marker on it can force a transgender person to out themselves on a daily basis, putting them at risk for ridicule, discrimination and violence,” the group Transgender Education Advocates of Utah said in a statement.

An easier way to avoid ridicule would be not to go out and about in clothes appropriate for the opposite sex.

Transsexuals will be heartbroken when the postmodern War on Reality moves on to a new front, and they discover that they are not the center of the universe after all.

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